exploring the use of collaborative virtual spaces to visualize complex data and to solve wicked problems

Who We Are

We got started at a professional networking event hosted by the ThinkBalm Innovation Community by Erica and Sam Driver on August 4, 2009. Richard Hackathorn issued an appeal for WANTED: COLLEAGUES to discuss the issues and approaches to Immersive Intelligence. Another community that has been influential is the Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds, at which we have presented multiple times. So we meeting and collaborating for many months.

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Our Vision

Immersive Intelligence is a collaborative data-driven decision process for understanding complex systems using immersive spaces. Immersive spaces are virtual environments whose objects are created from and sync with a rich dynamic database, allowing persons to experience immersion within a data world ranging from the natural and familiar to the abstract and unusual (i.e., weird but informative).

Imagine a canvas consisting of kilometers of three-dimensional space, containing thousand to millions of data objects, supporting tens to thousands of persons, scaling from very small (nanometers) to very large (light-years), observing the very quick (nanoseconds) to very slow (centuries), from the very infrequent (Black-Swan events) to the very frequent (heartbeats). This is not possible in the physical world, but it is becoming possible with virtual world technology.

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